091- Hot Dog Vendor Retirement


I’m not talking about quitting, I’m talking about retiring with an income.  Join me as Phil and I discuss the best ways to insure your successful retirement.  Licensed Financial Advisor and my friend, Phil Ferguson joins us live.  You won’t be disappointed.

Where are you going to be in 5 years and in 15 years?  Either way the time will go by, either way you will have made a living, but will you have a savings?  Will that savings have grown into a hot dog vendor retirement that is worthy of your efforts.

Imagine averaging 10% return annually on your income.  That means that every 7.2 years your money doubles.  Learn some finance industry secrets that no one would share with you.  Find out why these guaranteed mutual funds and guaranteed annuities can rob you blind.

Join us weekly at www.streetfoodvendor.tv and watch us live.

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Phil’s website: Polaris Financial Planning

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