092 – Pros and Cons of Hot Dog Vending


It ain’t just fluff.  Find out what sucks and what doesn’t.  Tonight we heard from other vendors, we talked about the Pros and Cons of Hot Dog Vending and I even ranted a bit.

Vendor: Ken Traylor

We answer the questions like:

  • Why do I see vendor getting out of the business?
  • Can this be done in a small town?
  • 30 hot dog carts for sale online, if it’s so good then why?
  • How much can I make?
  • What’s the average investment?
  • $900 to start?

It Ain’t For Everybody

Hot dog vending ain’t for everyone.  It’s work and although the pay is huge, it’s not a perfect fit for everyone.  Learning the pros and cons of hot dog vending before you spend the first dime, before you invest your hard earned money is the wisest choice for any smart business person.

Special Announcement and Giveaway!

Tonight I shared with everyone about the upcoming announcement.  If you are a vendor or soon to be one, you’ll want this.  Watch your email for a message from me this week and even get your choice of one of my courses absolutely free!

The Live Video Feed – StreetFoodVendor.tv


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John dempsey February 12, 2014

vendors are not for lazy people


John dempsey February 12, 2014

great info


Rob February 13, 2014

I’ve had many obstacles getting to the point I am at now in getting this business started…but like all obstacles you can either do 1 of 2 things…let it stop you or plow right through it….I’ll choose the latter.


Charley Smith February 14, 2014

I totally agree. It’s a struggle to get it all started but I’m sure after being inspected and approved, I’ll be ready to go.


John dempsey February 13, 2014

great day to get a hotdog


Alan Rowe February 13, 2014

I am very interested in getting emails from your company and I am in the beginning stages of getting started. I signed up for the email lists but have not received one yet. Please be sure to add me to your listings. I would greatly appreciate it. The only road block I have run in to so far is a mobile vendor requirement in a town to be required to move every 15 minutes. I don’t think that is a very workable solution but who knows. By the way, have you ever had anyone ask you for a cart that is designed for smaller people. I’m 4 ft 10 in have a severe scoliosis and don’t let much get in my way to accomplish what I can. (Currently I lift move haul and throw and chuck nearly 300 newspapers everyday so weather isn’t a concern selling hotdogs. Especially here in frigid New Jersey) The Carts all look very large to stand next to. I can always build a stool system around the cart but thought I would ask if there is a “LOWRIDER” version. Thanks and I look forward to doing business with you.


Jessica March 5, 2014

I liked the show of the pros an cons of hotdog vending.


Jessica March 29, 2014

It is a lot of hard work ,but worth it.


John dempsey April 13, 2014

this business may not be for you


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