BOB The Hot Dog Cart Builder – 2 – Interview

build a hot dog cart

The bread box has LED lighting too.

This isn’t Bob the builder from here, this is an entirely different Bob the builder.  He has completed his – build a hot dog cart, the one based off of the Professional Cash Cow.


What makes this so unique?  Well Bob bought another video course first, but soon found out he wanted more.  See, Bob is not your average handy man, Bob even built a plane once.  He’s a perfectionist and wanted a professional hot dog cart.  Not only did he complete his new cart, he did a beautiful job.


I had to interview (click play above) him once I found out about him buying two different courses.  It’s rare to be given this type of opportunity.  Of course I could try to get someone to buy both courses, ours and the other guys, then get them to compare, but who would spend the money to do that.  More than likely I would have to give them my course and then the results could be biased.

As it turns out, I didn’t have to.  Bob had already bought one course, he wasn’t satisfied and bought our professional course and when I found out , I asked him for an interview.

Although it seems counterproductive and quite possibly is, I wanted to offer a course for those that wanted to build their own hot dog cart and save money along the way.  Some of my closest vendor friends told me I was nuts.  They said; “Ben, your business is building hot dog carts and if you offer a course on how to build a hot dog cart, it will most certainly cannibalize on some of your cart sales.”

Build a hot dog cart plans

Yes, I know but I was asked many times to offer a build a hot dog cart course and so  I did.  The greater good outweighs the potential cannibalism of some of our cart sales.  You can learn more about building your very own professional hot dog cart here.

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