Free Hot Dog Cart With Indiegogo


How can you get a free hot dog cart with Indiegogo?

State Bear Sausage and Dogs

Well, I’m going to show you how.  But first click the play button above, listen to the latest HDVR interview with Ronnie.  Then scroll on down, watch the video, click the link, give a shout out and maybe a few bucks and then come back over here and I’ll share with you how to get started with Indiegogo and most importantly; how to do it right.

Now…whooaaa  Hold them horses.  Did you give?  Did you at the very least help share the links on your Tweeters, Facebookers and your Linkidinks?

Well, thank you.  I know most everybody can afford to give at least a dollar, right?  We would for you.  If you believe in helping your fellowman and you want to put out some of that viral karma juice into the Universe, then give a helping hand.

I’m going to share live, on the air all the vendors who helped Ronnie in his plight to get a hot dog cart up and running.  And rest assured, if you decide to create a fantastic video and kick off a fund raiser with Indiegogo, I’ll be there helping you out on your quest to get a free hot dog cart business up and running.

Ronnie has already spent THOUSANDS of dollars getting started, he’s done his due diligence and he’s run his credit cards to the max.  Let’s help him out, let’s show him the hot dog vendor love!   I think we can supersede his expectations, I think we can raise more than he’s asked for help with.  Every penny goes to pay off his debts and help him get going.

One more time, here’s the link:  Help Ronnie!

I knew we could help and I thank you for helping!  Now…

let’s get this show on the road.  If you are a future vendor, if you are trying to figure out how to raise the capital required to get started, let’s go through the steps and see if we can’t do for you what we are doing for Ronnie.  Ready?

  1. Why would anyone help you?  Good question but an easy one.  People love to help and most people are good hearted, contrary to popular opinion.  I love helping and I know you love it too.  It feels good, it’s the right thing to do and it makes sense.  We can all help each other.  Let’s start by helping you get a hot dog business started.
  2. Come up with a plan:  You need to have a reason you are doing this, well put that into words, make a video and they will come.  For examples see below…
  3. The video is going to turn them on;  So make a good one, heck, make a great one.  It’ doesn’t have to be professional quality, it can be made with your camera phone.  Just be sincere and tell them what you are trying to accomplish and why their help will bring more peace and harmony to the world.  Add a touch of ‘funny’ and you have a hit.
  4. Don’t whine and cry and give a sob story.  Save those for legitimate requesters who are trying to get enough money for that kidney transplant or to buy food for the hungry.
  5. Tell them how your business will give back to the community, how it will inspire others and how much it would mean to you.
  6. Set up a Facebook, a Twitter and any other social media pages you can.
  7. Share with your network of friends.  You never know who will get ahold of your request and it go viral.  Some rich philanthropist could be waiting right now on just the right opportunity to help.
  8. Go to Indiegogo’s help page and learn all the other tips for creating content that will appeal to it’s audience.
  9. Don’t rush it, take time, write down your plan of action and create something others will want to help you with.
  10. Once you are up and running, let me know and I will help spread the word.  (Make sure you do something you and I both would be proud of)
  11. Collect the donations, get a hot dog cart and get going.

Here are some successful videos people have done to raise funds with Indiegogo…

and KickStarter. (Oh yea, that’s another place you can do crowdsourcing.)

This has got to be one of my favorites, although not hot dog vendor related, it’s hilarious…

You want even more.  Check out this page of all the top Indiegogo projects.

Note this video, what went wrong?  Other than the poor audio and lack of real content, what made this project a loser?

Did he not share it enough, did no one share it?  Was it the content?  I’m sure he was just as deserving as anyone else, so why didn’t this video win over the purses and wallets of it’s watchers?  It only raised one single donation of $10 and the video was played 158 times.  Which is not a good number.

It’s important to take your time and have a good message, deliver that message correctly.  Notice Kash Maxwell’s video above, it received many, many more hits.

Share your ideas, tell me why you think the video above didn’t make it?

Before I go, let me share this cool modificated (not a real word) on the Big Dog Cart by fellow vendor; Lori Camp:

Lori's Big Dog Hot Dog Cart

Oh and yes, I am finding out about this Free Lemonade thing she’s got going.


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Calvin Babb August 1, 2012

inspiring. Since i can’t get my own going till i return from Assghanistan, I figured i would through a hand to someone that is in process


Ben August 2, 2012

Fantastic Calvin!!! Thanks for helping a fellow vendor.


State Bear Ronnie August 2, 2012

Thank you so much Calvin! If there is anything I can help with when you come back please let me know!


Calvin Babb August 1, 2012

my spell sucks. throw a hand.


O'Doggy's August 1, 2012

Great of you to share this Ben. I’ve often thought about doing something similar, but wasn’t sure how to get the word out other than Facebook. If I decide to do something, you’ll be the first to know.

Good Luck to State Bear… You have my support! Spreading the word.


Ben August 2, 2012

I’ll be behind you 110%, just let me know. Thanks for helping Ronnie too! What freak’n awesome people we have.


State Bear Ronnie August 2, 2012

Thank you! I’m learning as I go but when I reach the finish line I will be happy to let you know what worked for me and what didn’t. Thanks again for your support!


rwhegwood August 2, 2012

Comment on the video that didn’t work:

Positives: The man had a good voice, easy to listen to, nice natural rhythm.

1. Audio: tinny

2. Minimal content. no clear expression of what was wanted by him from the listener. no stand out call to action.

3. Poor lighting. Face and product too dark

4. Image too static:…all talking head. no movement or scene changes.

5. Loony Tunes theme sends the wrong message. It’s fun and cheerful…but is too frivolous. It undermines taking the man’s ambitions seriously. Funny is ok…it can be a good hook but every element has got to be planned. Worse, the music didn’t match the video…that is the music is iconic…the talking head was not. If the plot/theme of the video could have played off of the Loony Tune theme then it may have had a chance. Basically it was polka dot seersucker paired with plaid…not winning.

6. There was nothing amazing about the hot dog…no sizzle no sale…cold pink dog on generic bun with a squirt of mustard served on a generic white styrofoam plate that was way bigger visually than the dog was…We didn’t see it cook, didn’t see the steam, or grill marks…

7. Where were pictures of the dream cart, the thing that would make this cart stand out with its dogs from all others?

8. Some throw away themes to play with for a cart support ad.

“Her Majesty’s Hot Dog” Featuring Blonde, James Blonde Double (cue James bond music)

“My Hope for Change” The stump speech about my better tomorrow with your help.

“Lost Opportunity/Lack of a cart” Visual of a spread of special hot, eat with your eyes hot dogs…and how no one will taste these great dogs for lack of a cart..(option) for lack of a this little kid didn’t get inspired to perfect cold fusion, because we didn’t perfect cold fusion we didn’t have the power to defend ourselves from hostile aliens, because we couldn’t defend ourselves earth will be ravaged. Don’t let the earth be ravaged by hostile aliens…help me get a cart, sell ossum dogs, and inspire children to perfect cold fusion….or words to that effect.

Better yet go Nando’s on them. Go look at several Nando’s ads on YT…they are phenomenal…edgy funny, and they leave a strong hook to their product.

Just some ideas


Ben August 2, 2012

I agree with most of it, especially 1 thru 8. The next 9 lines cinched it up for me. Great response! Thanks for taking the time. Folks: This is a must read.


Julian Walker August 2, 2012

Well done.


Mitch C August 3, 2012

I love the idea of crowd sourcing. I have participated in a few Kickstarter projects.


BravoDawgs August 4, 2012

  Good Luck State Bear!  I’ll be spreading the word! Nice work Ben, for posting.


ODOGGYS August 17, 2012

Congrats on reaching your goal Ron!  Can’t wait to hear how things go for you!!!


JohnArmstrong1 August 20, 2012

Great Job Ron!
Your very encouraging to the rest of us.
Thanks so Much!


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