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Remember the recent post about how hot dogs can reduce cancer risk and then the info about hot dogs causing cancer.  MAKE UP YOUR FREAK’N MIND!   Well turns out, the culprit for the defamation of the dog was one guy with some money to spend on a billboard.  The Daily Show interviews him and it’s funnnnny!


In the news:

Diggitty’s Dogs and Ice Cream – 900 years BC hot dogs came to be – Read More

There has been an exception to the vendor rules in NY for over  100 years that allows for vendors whom are veterans to vend unlicensed.  (at least that’s what they’re saying)   It’s cool if that’s right.   Well these two vets just had their carts hauled away by the police for working to make a living.  Read the story here.

City Officials see the potential to “enliven” areas of town.  Go City Officials!  Read Story 


Hot Dog Cart For Sale – It’s a good deal!

If you haven’t heard, Keith and I are just about done with the cart building videos.  Soon you will be able to build a hot dog cart from scratch and the course is going to be a steal!   We are also going to give away a brand new hot dog cart before years end!  So if you haven’t yet, sign up for the blog or our facebook page and that automatically registers you to win!

Caught actually working.

and to explain the first picture.  I have a vendor friend that uses these beautiful New England Style rolls, he grills them with butter (I added garlic too) and then lays a beautiful hot dog down inside.  Substitute lobster and you get lobster rolls.   So I could not find these buns anywhere.  Finally with the help of my friend I found them thru an online retailer.  Expensive?   Yes!   So then I contacted my rep at Sysco and BAM, she has them.  These are my new favorite rolls.

The page link is above finally!  And very soon all those whom have emailed me their info will have a free listing.  I thank you!  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Click Below

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