Is this for real, can I really make a living selling hot dogs?

Yes and Yes! I know, it does sound too good to be true. But do your own research, don’t just take myword for it.

I like you was hesitant but I was between a rock and a hard place. I had to do something immediately. My motivation was huge, I needed to feed and provide for my family.
The bottom line:
I buy hot dogs (all beef), buns, chips and drinks. I sell a meal for $5 Bucks. I make about $3.40 per meal. If you can find the right location, sell about 100 meals a day, you will be making a fantastic income.
Sure, some make more, I have videos on our Youtube channel with vendors making well over
$100K annually with a hot dog cart. I also have customers who make $30,000 annually.
Its all up to you!
So with the right location, the income is up to you. Can you only work weekends? Yes! and you can make much more by being open more.
But don’t jump right in. Do your research, there are many websites with valuable information.
By doing your due diligence you can make an informed decision. This business isn’t for everyone. It is real work. It’s not easy, but its the best money you can make for the time and investment. I know, thats my opinion, but my opinion is backed with experience, including many other vendors experience.
I hope that allows some of you to get off the fence and when you get up and running, please let me know, send me a picture and your story.
I wish you well!
The Hot Dog Professor


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Jenay August 24, 2011

Your answer was just what I nedeed. It’s made my day!


Cory Lawrence May 21, 2012

Well I hope to find out for myself before long… thanks for all you do Ben!


Tom Lee June 14, 2012

Learning more every day.


John Armstrong June 24, 2012

I like her story


longnuts June 9, 2013

shes beginning to look like a hot dog anyway these guys make good money but its not easy to find locations even in home depot thats way you have to run the other hot dog stand off to find a space thanks for the info


John dempsey January 31, 2014

you can make a great living selling hot dogs


Janet January 20, 2015

Great! What State are you from


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