Used Hot Dog Carts – How much?


Used Hot Dog Carts…

can be found, but how do you know you are getting a good deal?  Well surprisingly enough, I’m all for buying a used cart.  It’s not a bad plan, but be sure to look out for these things.  (listen to the audio above for details)

If you have ever felt taken by your purchase of a used cart or you bought a defunct cart, in this HDVR audio clip, I explain how it all is ok and how easy it is to find that silver lining amongst a crappy used cart.

This audio clip was inspired by a soon to be vendor who takes the advice: Do your due diligence, to heart.  He is covering all his bases and will surely be a success if he maintains half his enthusiasm for finding a cart and learning the business as he does actually vending.  I’m sure he will.

He emailed me about a cart that is built to order by a up and coming manufacturer that is offering carts that he builds off of a course.  No, it’s not my course.  Either way, I give this future vendor the details to watch out for but I finish it all up with how come it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Look what I found.  This is a 5′ 8″ cardboard cut out.

hot dog cutoutWho doesn’t need one of these?  Stand it up beside your cart and let your customers take their picture.  Get creative and put your logo down the side.  This would be a great addition and I found it on Ebay for only $29.99

Makes me wonder if we could find someone to print these with our own hot dog creation.  Imagine this with the Outlaw dog by Sgt. Peppers or Rob’s Carolina Dog.

I’ll have my people call your people.  We need to get some of these customized. 


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John Armstrong July 27, 2012

I’ve seen used carts on Ebay for $400 that were sitting in someones backyard rusting away.
You would have to invest 1 or 2 grand to bring it up to code. Don’t get me wrong there are some great carts on Ebay but they are sometimes more expensive than Bens carts.


O'Doggy's July 27, 2012

Good advice in my opinion Ben. You can find good used carts all the time if you look in all the right places. You mention some great tips in your book on where to look. I built my own because my situation led me to do so, and when the day comes that I decide to get a second cart, I’ll buy from BensCarts. Bottom line is, I was able to get out there selling dogs at the beginning of summer vs. saving for who knows how long and losing the drive, or getting discouraged.

About the cutout… great idea, and I’ll look in a couple of places for printing options.


Ben July 27, 2012

Thanks Cory! You’re much better off having started sooner than later too. Those cutouts are cool.


Bravo Dawgs July 27, 2012

Used carts are not a bad deal. The podcast cuts out at the end so I didn’t get the last part. I would agree with you 100%. Wooden carts are nice, but it depends on the weather. If you live in Vermont there is a lot of maintenance due to moisture. Also this cart is stored in the basement during the winter. Your carts being stainless steel is the way to go! I’ll be moving into an enclosed cart as time permits.

Cheers Bravo


Ben July 27, 2012

I don’t know why that cut off the end too soon.


Dennis Figueroa July 28, 2012

Never thought about the cardboard cut out….wonder if you could customize it to have your logo or slogan on the bun.
just thinking that on a pedestrian location, this would draw kids and teens ( might need a short one too


Joe July 28, 2012

Thanks for the info. I have changed quite a few things on our cart. (I bought it used) glad I didn’t buy it new. I want to build the next one.


Tom Lee July 29, 2012

The cutouts are a cool idea.


Mike James July 29, 2012

Great info. Dennis I like the logo or slogan idea on the cutout.


Josh July 29, 2012

geart info


Stephen Hampson July 30, 2012

Ben’s book has a lot of gret ideas pertaining to getting a cart and get rolling!


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