144 – Catering Prices & Operations


Hot Dog Cart Catering Prices & Operations

Our 144th but actually our 3 hundred and something podcast but who's counting.  We discussed catering operations, how to start catering with your hot dog cart, how to expand into catering, how to market your catering along with pricing and operations.

There were questions and comments from the member vendors too…
1. Do you split up the bags of dogs?
2. Limiting waste?
3. How to keep it simple?
4. Running out of inventory?
5. Lots, lots more!

This is the first time in 8 years that we've done the show just for the Street Food Pro team!  A private episode for Vendors United members only.

But have no fear… it's here… in it's full glory.  For you!

Jason joined by phone and Michael Wood with Duggs Doggs joined via live feed.  You can watch below or listen above and of course, the show is distributed through any of the popular podcasting apps too.

You can join VendorsUnited, hell-fire… try it free for 5 days on me… If you are serious about vending and want the best training, the best deals, the best tips, the best access… then you'll LOVE THIS!!!

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