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hot dog vendor training videos

Welcome to the Hot Dog Cart Business Videos.

I want you to succeed, so I'm sharing my experiences to help you learn the hot dog vending business!

For best results grab a pen and paper and watch them in order and take some notes.  I know you probably want to just rush out and get a cart and get started making money, but if you will take the time to do the due diligence first, you will save yourself numerous headaches and will succeed faster.  If you haven't watched this video yet, please click to watch it now.


I've started recording new comprehensive videos with updates and more.  See the A to Z videos FREE! 

how to start and run a hot dog business

PART ONE – (ya gotta start somewhere)


PART TWO – (goes I love you)


PART THREE – (actually part 2 1/2)


PART FOUR – A Commissary?  What, Why and How?


PART FIVE – Finding a good used cart and…


PART SIX – Finding the locations


PART SEVEN – More locations.   Location, location, LOCATION!


A bonus video – Special info on growing your business and more

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Who wants you to succeed?  I do!

I have been helping and teaching vendors for 4 years.  I still get to go sling dogs and I love it.  I have helped THOUSANDS of vendors get started and helped them achieve it faster and with much better success.  I absolutely love it!

I enjoy putting out valuable content that helps you become more and more successful.  You can talk to any of the thousands of people on my Facebook page or any of the many vendor online hangouts.  You will find out that I truly do care about helping you. Fans

I hope that during the videos that you signed up for my newsletter, I send it out about once a week and it's jam packed full of articles from the blog.  Here at I have more videos, podcasts, radio show recordings and 100's of articles.  Take advantage of it all and enjoy.  If you have a question or comment, please give me a call.

Oh, you want some more?

Where To Start?

Really it doesn't matter, as long as you START now.  Below you will find hot dog vendor and street food vendor training categories.  Find the category and then easily find the topic you are needing to learn more about or get help with. There is a section for hot dog vendor training and street vendor training on about everything.  If you are brand new, I've got a section, if you are having problems with something, I've got a section.  Either way, I think you will find I've attempted to cover it all. If you find something missing or something you feel needs to be covered or covered better, just let me know.

Just Getting Started

So you want to be a hot dog vendor.  These short hot dog vendor video tutorials walk you step by step on getting started.  These aren't as comprehensive as you may need but it's a great place to start.

A to Z COMPREHENSIVE Hot Dog Vendor Training Newest Vendor TrainingThe information here is comprehensive and complete.  I leave no stone unturned.  We cover it all and this training section continues to grow as we all become more successful hot dog vendors.  EACH link will open a page with the most thorough training on the planet.

  • Saved My Life 001  –         Pros & Cons of Hot Dog Vending
  • Saved My Life 002          Licensing, Permits, Health Departments – Finding it all online – overcoming city code restrictions – non-potentially hazardous foods – why just hot dogs video link
  • Saved My Life 003 –          What is a commissary and why do I need one?
  • Saved My Life 004–           How to get a commissary.  How to avoid getting one.  Making Money with your commissary.
  • Saved My Life 005 –           Finding the best locations
Please go to and use the search box to find the most recent articles, videos and podcasts I've done on any topic you can think of.  

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4 Replies to “Free Hot Dog Vendor Training Videos”

  1. Ben Great Job with these video’s!! You are a talent and the information was very helpful. I can’t understand why there is not more comments here, but I will be go to your radio show to hear more…Thanks!

  2. Went thru all the free videos again; every time I do, I pick up additional tidbits of information that will “hopefully soon” make cart life a bit easier.  Also like the changes made to the website.   I look forward to continuing on course of being a vendor and buying from Ben’s Carts soon.   If anybody hasn’t read Ben’s How Hotdogs Saved My Life (or something close to that) book, it’s worth the few bucks he wants for it and the humor is fun too. Keep up the good work folks.

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