Q&A for Street Food Vendors

Can I Use Bacon on Hot Dog Cart? Dealing With Inspectors, and more…

Hi, folks! Today's Friday Q&A was frickin awesome! I shared a great success story from Ejay, who is just starting his hot dog business and will be able to quit his 2nd job soon. After missing 5 of the 9 months his daughter's been alive, he's looking forward to being in control of his time.

I answered lots of great questions from street food vendors, too. Some of the things we talked about:

  • Do I need to keep my receipts?
  • Vending at Bonnaroo?
  • What about health insurance?
  • Can I use bacon as a topping, or bacon-wrapped hot dogs?
  • Crazy health inspector stuff?
  • and more…

Watch the whole video below, and be sure to leave a comment here or over on Facebook. Share your tips and ask your questions, and we can all learn some new stuff! Have a great weekend!


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