How to Start a Hot Dog Cart

Well Howdy! I am glad you are here. I don' want to talk your ears off, but I do want to give you some important information that will help you get started on the right foot.

“Ben has helped thousands in the hot dog vending business – you won't find anyone whom will give so freely of their time and knowledge” —

Here is a video on the Pro's and Con's of vending.

Ok, now that I have bored you to tears with that and you are still here, then let's get started. This site is used for training and best of all – there is tons of FREE training.  I want you to succeed!

learn the hot dog businessOn the home page you will see my blog, this is where I post random news in the hot dog vending industry and give tips and tricks to those in need. Sometimes I pick an industry topic and I share what I know. There will be times that you may disagree and don't hesitate to post a comment telling me your idea. I don't claim to know it all, I extract information from successful vendors every day, I learn still every day and I share it with you.

“I can't believe what you do for others, you must be an angel – thank you!” — Lisa Presnel

At the top you will see some links, this is where you will find a series of videos to walk you step by step on how to get started. At the bottom of that page is another link to even more free videos. Feel free to watch them all. They are there for you so take advantage of everything there is to offer.

Want to get inspired, click the testimonials and hear from some others that have found success in the vending business.

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6 Replies to “How to Start a Hot Dog Cart”

  1. Well, I got my cart, looks great!  Haven’t been able to test it yet.  Having a hard time getting through the red tape, HD told me three different things and lost my paperwork, urrrg..will be back tomorrow for the 4th time.  The AZ mvd gave me a hard time about a company number that Tenn does not require on the title, called Ben and he helped me out with that and got that fixed today.  Thanks Ben!  The more I do this the more I understand  Bens instructions when I go back and re read them all.   Oh well, it’s a learning experience ;}  SLOWLYYY getting there.  Just wanted to thank Ben for all his support, he’s great ya’ll.  Hope Im not too much of a bother cuz im a brunette with blond roots.  Im not used to dealing with this kind of thing lol!  Gratz on being a PawPaw Ben and good luck to those who those who are on the same path as me.  Christine

  2. Hi Ben,
           I live in Nashua NH. For 2 years now I have owned and operated an ice cream truck in Nashua NH. I am one of two licenced ice cream trucks in the city and I make good money with it. However I have found that there is almost no business on the truck during the day. The money in Ice cream is made between 4pm and 8pm.
         In the spring time I plan on getting into the hot dog business during the lunch time hours. I have a freind who has been selling hot dogs at the city park for 20 years now and she does very well. I have some different locations in mind where I think I may do very well. I plan to build or buy my first cart from your site over this winter. I love your site and I love what you offer to help people get started with the hot dog cart business. I look forward to learning more from you and your site.

  3. hello ben ,
          Im unemployed and I need to get started as a vender and need to be a success in the field and no room for error and cant”t fail I wont fail I would give my all … And I think I have a great location at university of louisville to make money and with three kids I would love to have two carts one for my 19 year old I would preffer to build carts with plans for ex. the big dog cart I do maintenance and do heating and a/c and  I got connections for getting materials for building carts do you have schematics for your carts at a cheaps price it would be greatfull … I’m listening to your show and will study your videos to make a success would be happy to 500.00 weekly
                                                                                                                                                           William Shelton (pete)

  4. well alrighty Ben. I have been lookin around  for the last week and i found ya. Unlike you I have always wanted a hotdog cart . One nite 27 years ago I helped a buddy sling some dogs and I was hooked but life takes its turns and well there ya go. I just returned from the philippines where my wife is from and figure this is it. I am gonna be back to drivin a cab while I start gettin this together and figure it all out. and of course i will be needin some help I am sure. so that bein said I am lookin at a springtime start up here in indiana because I ain’t used to the cold no more and winter is here. I will be needin to get a cart and believe it or not thats where most of my confusion is comin from. Ya know which one I need for what I want. but i will head down to the health dept and find out what I nedd legal wise and take it from there. I am real glad I found ya here as bein hoosier by birth but southern by heart hell ya sound like me and by God two bald heads must be better than one. haha anyways I will be intouch with ya when I get flumoxed. which i am sure will happen once I walk into one of our finer Govt offices.
    thanks again mister.

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