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I have been slinging weenies now for 5 years and even though I do all the training, the blog and the radio shows, I still make time to go out and vend.  Hot Dogs Saved My Life and I'm sure they can yours as well.

Over the years I have helped thousands get started and find myself answering the same exact questions over and over, so I decided to produce some High Quality Video Training Tutorials.  These training products allow me to help an even larger number of people at a lower cost to the individual. These tutorials have the added benefits of immediate access and the ability for you to review the training materials over again, as needed. I continue to enjoy working with vendors one on one. However, I encourage everyone to first browse through the list of training materials below to see if there is a tutorial that is specific to your information needs.


Learn the Hot Dog Vending Business


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Hot dog vendor training videosI am happy to offer this course to anyone looking to get into the business of hot dog vending.  Included is a series of videos that will walk you through step by step on what you need to do before getting a hot dog cart:

  • Licensing
  • Permits
  • Finding a cart
  • Finding a commissary
  • Locating locations
  • Tips
  • Pricing and more

After this series of educational videos you will have a good understanding of the business and will be able to make a decision of whether or not; Hot Dog Vending is for you.  Thousands have watched and enjoyed and I am sure you will too.



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a day in the life of a hot dog vendor


of a hot dog vendor.  Would you like to follow a pro hot dog vendor for the day?  Of course you would.  Imagine what you’d learn.  Imagine what you could take back to your business and apply for more profits, more free time and more fun.

Not Just A Day But

years of experience at one time.  You’d take home knowledge that has grown from hundreds of other vendors experiences, culminating into this one vendors daily doings.  One day is enough to save you from countless errors, inspire you to new ideas and give you immediate experience regardless of how new you are.

Now’s Your Chance

Pro hot dog vendor, Michael Wood of Duggs Doggs fame is going to show you everything!  You will learn:

  • how to prep for the day
  • storage ideas
  • loading to head out
  • cart setup
  • cooking from a hot dog cart
  • serving customers
  • closing down and much, much more

I’ve been asked by hundreds to offer a video course on a hot dog vendors day, they’ve asked to see it all.  And after hours of filming and narrating, we have it. Sponsored by this course will provide you with a first hand view as you follow Duggs Doggs for a day.  Michael works from his 5 year old Big Dog hot dog cart and doesn’t skip a step.  He will show you how he loads his coolers, how he hooks up the cart, how he unhooks the cart and includes valuable tips and advice along the way.


A to Z   Vendor Success Course

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Comprehensive Vendor Training The A to Z  Vendor Success Course is my most comprehensive course ever.  Over the years I have learned some amazing things that can help you get started, help you find key locations, help you double your income and help you manage multiple carts.  It's jam packed with over 5 hours of professional vendor information.  I have even helped experienced vendors with this information.  It houses decades of experience I have learned from other vendors, learned by trial and error and just lucked up and figured out.

Whether you are just getting started or have been vending for years, this course is sure to offer you information that will take your business to the next level.  No stone is left unturned as I walk you through start up, licensing, overcoming obstacles, avoiding pitfalls, valuable resources, the best locations on the planet (a comprehensive list)and other valuable information.  Includes: 11 Videos, Sample Plan reviews, Vendor Check list and Fast Start Course notes.


To Boil, Steam or Grill

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I have done videos and articles on this topic but I have been asked over and over to actually show how to do each one, the methods and madness behind each cooking style and what the pros and cons are of each.  I also share with you every single detail on how to get the best results from each method.

I will help you determine the best method or methods for offering your menu selections.  I share with you the tricks to insure that you deliver a quality product every time and how to avoid waste.  All done on an operational cart in real time.

If you would like to see the articles and videos I have done and provided free, please click here and then check out this free video.


One Big Thing


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If you could change one thing, just do one thing different tomorrow and double, triple or even quadruple your sales – Would YOU?  It's been done before, it's being done now and less than 1% of vendors ever think about it.  It is the One Big Thing.  It's the difference between doing $150 daily and doing $400 – $1400 daily.

This One Big Thing has the power to:

  • transform a bad location into a good one
  • attract out of the way customers
  • make customers want to tell their friends
  • boost your social media hits
  • double your income
  • triple your income
  • works everytime


Hot Dogs Saved My Life – eBook

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hot dogs saved my life course bookThis is my digital version of my paperback book course, it is an instant downloadable e-book so you can get started reading right now!  This is a complete course from:

  • Checking your state guidelines
  • City and County Codes
  • How to get started
  • Finding a cart, new and used (with an entire chapter on tricks to buying a good used cart)
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Menu selection
  • Menu pricing
  • How much you can make with real figures from my cart.
  • Food costs with real figures from my cart.

Over 6000 vendors have received this course and love it. – Click the book to read hundreds of testimonials.


 Quotes from just a few of those I've helped
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  1. Gotta Get The Book!!  If you are even remotely interested in getting into the Hot Dog Vendor Business… you gotta get this book.   Warning… when you pick it up to read it… make sure you dont have anything planned for the next several hours!!  You will not want to put the book down.   Im a skipper normally… I get bored after a few sentences.   This is the only book I read from cover to cover at one time. EVER!!
    Ben basically teaches you just about all you need to know in getting started in this business.  How to increase your sales, supplier information and lots of tips and tricks.    Order yours today!!

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