You remember the Miller family I posted about recently: ?   Well they just sent me an update.  They put together a package and dropped it off at businesses about catering with their Big Dog Cart and to their surprise… Howdy Ben, Owen and Monica Miller from Hogz-n-Dogz checking in again. We are starting our 3rd [...]



Live in an apartment or condo and need to know how and where vendors store their carts when not in use, then listen in and find out. We also covered a new location idea and talked with several vendors. Sometimes no amount of planning will save you when working these kinds of gigs: Here what [...]


100 – Don’t Overdo It – Starting Smart

hot dog vendor hot dog cart.jpg 2

Many vendors get excited and often burn out quickly from trying to start off with a bigger bang than necessary.  We discuss this issue and why you should start slow.  100 – Don’t Overdo It – Starting Smart Jake Hastings’ Tip Jar   Buy 2 Vendor T’s & Get… Ben’s A to Z – 11 [...]

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World’s Best Chili Sauce – Vendor Shares Secret Recipe

hot dog chili sauce secret recipe

Mouth Watering – World Record Chili Sauce Recipe & Recipe for Hot Pepper Relish from Sam S. Chili Sauce 1# hamburg (soy if need be). 1 medium onion chopped 3/4 tsp. ground cloves-secret ingredient 1 tablespoon chili powder 1 tsp. paprika 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. pepper 1/2 tsp. garlic powder 1 cup water 1 [...]

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099 – Market At Your Cart – Pricing – More

critique year 460

Marketing is important and first appearances are everything.  If you look bad from a distance, they won’t come.  Are your prices too small, is there trash on the ground nearby, what impression are you making? In 099 – Market At Your Cart – Pricing – More, we discuss the important things you MUST do at your [...]

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Major Dedication – Major Custom Hot Dog Cart – Must See

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 8.15.45 PM

Every now and then I get an amazing letter.  This is more than amazing.   Eric made my day, hell – he made my month.  With his permission I’m sharing with you. Eric’s Letter Dear Ben: I have been wanting to write you for quite a while but have been consumed with building my hot [...]

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098 – Bad Weather – KY Vendor Needed – Enclosed Trailers – City Limits Vendors

unconstitutional city codes restrict vendors

It rains here about 50% of the time Vendor needed in Kentucky – 500 customers Should I start with an enclosed concession trailer Getting vendor experience online – real world advice Making your own commissary Vendor saves and takes time off for new baby! Awesome new location idea! Vendor does huge grand opening – 1100+ [...]

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097 Hot Dog Vendor Resources

Love Hot Dogs

In the interest of fairness, I shared the negative email I received from a vendor.  I didn’t spend much time negating the ignorant diatribe.  I have found over the years that those who do very little, if any due diligence are often met with the surprises that lead to their ultimate failure. This particular email [...]

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096 – Hot Dog Vendor Locations

big dog cart

Hot Dog Vendor Locations are the key to your success. Let’s talk locations.  Everybody wants a great location and some have figured out how to make a location great.  Some pay for their locations, others get them free…. When we come back we will sort through the madness and help you find the best locations [...]

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095 – 10 Steps Before Buying A Hot Dog Cart


Tonight we took on the next part in the mini training series.  If you plan on buying a new or used cart, you must know these 10 things!  A few vendors called into the listener feedback line and left questions for me as well.  Click play above to listen or watch the show below. SEXY [...]

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Veteran Vendor Shares Sales Tracking Form

Duggs Doggs Condiments

You all should know who Michael Wood is.  He’s the owner / operator of Duggs Doggs in Georgia and frequents the Hot Dog Vendor Radio show weekly. Michael has been vending for over 4 years now and has offered us all the use of his Vendor Sales Log. You will need Microsoft Excel to open [...]

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Templates and Folders – Preparing for Success


 Do You Have All You Need? It always frustrates me that someone else’s inability to plan becomes my crisis so I have developed strategies for the most common dilemma emails I receive. Frequently I would be on location and get an emergency call or email saying the festival organizer or bride/ groom needed me to [...]

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Grilled Cheese From A Cart – Catering – Events


Are you lucky enough to have a cart with a flat grill?Great! Consider offering Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. There are food trucks and restaurants who specialize in this and are doing an amazing business charging up to $9 for a cheddar – bacon apple sammy. You can buy cookbooks devoted to the subject or try [...]

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094 – Commissaries – Awesome Success Stories

Sexy as hell hot dog vendor website

Vendors from all over called in to share their successes!  If you need motivating, click play above and enjoy. News & Updates Going to be holding a live class – ON LOCATION – in Sevierville, TN in March.  This will be very limited so that we can cover as much as possible over 2 days. [...]

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Hot Dog Vending Saves His Home & Vehicle


I received this email today and just had to share.  If you were on the show last night then you probably are encouraged enough after hearing from so many vendors who went from broke to success in such short times.  But if you need a little more, then read what Johnny Parisi of “Hot Dog [...]

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$700 Cart To Storefront In 11 Months!

The hot dogs

Thanks to Shawn Martin for sharing this with us! Ben, I thought I would send this over to you.  It’s one of  my favorite lunch destinations.   Doesn’t look like much, does it?   This couple works in a small town in Central TX (7500 people).  They speak no English.   He bought the cart [...]

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093 – Your Next Step – Getting The Rules and Codes


Last week we found out if Hot Dog vending was right for you.  Now we take on the next steps.  Are you ready? TOPIC: GETTING READY TO GET READY – THE RULES! Hot Dog Vendor Radio is a weekly show for street food vendors.  We focus on the ongoing training, rules and codes, loopholes, tactics, [...]

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Does Facebook Help Your Business?

professional vendor website

[limited time giveaway below] Something I’ve noticed is that Facebook and Twitter isn’t working as good as it once did.  Every month the hits go up on my website but Facebook and Twitter fluctuate and often amount to very little increase in sales.  Why is this? Facebook Ain’t Working It’s a free-for-all on Facebook. It’s [...]

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092 – Pros and Cons of Hot Dog Vending

Vendor: Ken Traylor

It ain’t just fluff.  Find out what sucks and what doesn’t.  Tonight we heard from other vendors, we talked about the Pros and Cons of Hot Dog Vending and I even ranted a bit. We answer the questions like: Why do I see vendor getting out of the business? Can this be done in a [...]

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091- Hot Dog Vendor Retirement


I’m not talking about quitting, I’m talking about retiring with an income.  Join me as Phil and I discuss the best ways to insure your successful retirement.  Licensed Financial Advisor and my friend, Phil Ferguson joins us live.  You won’t be disappointed. Where are you going to be in 5 years and in 15 years? [...]

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