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Yes!  We nailed it!  We just opened up the largest resource site / members only group for Street Food Vendors, Hot Dog Vendors, Caterers and Cottage Industry folks on the planet! Watch this video, take action and join us during this introductory offer is going on!  If you want to double your income, triple your […]


rapid steam instructions

How to Rapid Steam Hot Dogs and Buns Hey folks! I put together a quick instruction video to demonstrate a quick and easy way (I might even say the best, fastest way!) to prepare hot dogs on your cart. Not only will this produce delicious, fresh hot dogs in a hurry, it also makes perfect […]


Top Ten Tips: Selling Hot Dogs in the Winter

winter vendor

Top Tips for Selling Hot Dogs in the Winter So you’ve heard the statistics about how most hot dogs are eaten in the summer… The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council says: The summer months between Memorial Day and Labor Day continue to make up the “hot dog season.” Hot dog producers estimate that an […]

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Pros and Cons of Hot Dog Business

pros and cons street food business

Pros and Cons of the Hot Dog Business Hey folks! On Friday night, I answered some great audience questions about the street food business, and also went over the pros and (brutally honest) cons of selling hot dogs as a business. If you want some straight talk about what to expect, from a guy who’s […]

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New Hot Dog Vendor Success Story

hot dog cart success

New Hot Dog Vendor Shares First Day Success Story Howdy, folks! I love it when I get a success story from a new street food vendor. I just got this email from Wende, who had a fantastic first day of selling hot dogs. She did lots of preparation and research, bought a used hot dog […]

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Announcements and Answers

hot dog cart pros cons

Watch my latest video for instructions on how to enter the Cater Pro cart giveaway. More announcements and stuff!

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Increase Income With a Clever Tip Jar

funny tip jars

Hi, folks! This is a cool tip (see what I did there). Did you know you can make extra money with a clever tip jar? Sure, anybody can put out an empty cup and write “TIPS” on it, but if you come up with something clever or funny, people are more likely to put something […]

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How Does Street Eats Work?

hot dog business

How Does Street Eats Work? How to Start a Business With No Money? And more… Howdy, folks! On today’s live question/answer video, I do some catching up. We have a question about how to book vending work through Street Eats, how to start a business with no money, finding a small cart to sell hot […]

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Restaurant Franchise vs Street Food Business [infographic]


Howdy, folks! Part of building a successful business is making a smart choice before you even get started. So I thought I’d put together some information on other business opportunities you might consider when thinking about starting a street food business. This infographic highlights some of the main differences between a restaurant franchise business and […]

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How To Start A Hot Dog Business [Live Webinar Replay]


HOW TO START A HOT DOG BUSINESS IN 7 DAYS This is a replay of the live broadcast Ben did on October 13th where he helps folks get started by doing a crash course on startup, even showing how you can actually start with little to no money and get started in just a few days. […]

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How Much Does it Cost to Open a Restaurant Franchise?


One of the biggest factors in starting a food business is the initial investment required. Popular restaurant franchises can be extremely expensive. Compare the cost of a franchise opportunity with the possibility of a custom food truck or cart before making a decision.

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Enter to Win a New Cater Pro Hot Dog Cart

free food cart

Want a Brand New Cart – For FREE? Howdy, folks! I’m so excited to share this news! We are giving away a brand new Cater Pro cart in December! We’re already doing a giveaway just for members of on December 1 2016, but this is the first time we’re giving away TWO street food […]

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What About Using a Crock Pot to Prepare and Serve Hot Dogs?

crock pot hot dog

Can I Use a Crock Pot to Boil and Serve Hot Dogs? And Other Questions… Hello folks! I got lots of great questions to talk about on this Q/A video. A beginning vendor asks about getting started selling food without much money, and the possibility of buying a food trailer from a neighbor. Another asks […]

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Can I Sell Pre-Cooked Hamburgers On My Cart?

hamburger hot dog

Vendor Considers Pre-Cooked Hamburgers for Hot Dog Cart Hi, folks! Here is a quick Q/A video for a couple of questions from street food vendors. First, a vendor wants to know whether a health department is likely to allow pre-cooked hamburgers to be sold from a food cart. It seems similar to hot dogs, since […]

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Hot Dog Cart Business Set-up Help

hot dog stand

Hot Dog Cart Business Help Hi folks! On today’s live video from I Love Street Food Vending, we have some great information for street food vendors. One hot dog vendor asks about setting up a DBA (doing business as) name for his business, and I give him my opinion on how that works. We also […]

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139 HDVR – 31 Hot Dog Vendor Questions

make money this fall

Usually the monthly show is one hour.  This show… it took us almost 2 hours to cover all the questions and to discuss the best ways for you to make over $15,000 in October. it’s fall y’all… We covered the myriad of opportunities we are taking this fall from sporting events, festivals, corn mazes, haunted […]

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Encouragement for New Street Food Vendors

hot dog chips

Words of Encouragement for Street Food Vendors On today’s live Facebook Q/A video, I answered a question from Ana, who is excited to start vending, but needs some words of encouragement. I also have some information for street food vendors wondering what kind of chips sell best (start with a variety and it will become […]

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Trouble With a Mobile Commissary

airstream mobile commissary

What if the Health Department’s Answer Doesn’t Make Sense? Howdy, folks! Street food vendors often have questions about information they receive from local officials. Sometimes, it seems like nobody at the Health Department really knows what to do when a street food vendor applies for a license. Maybe the answer you receive depends on who […]

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Great Locations for Fall Street Food Sales

hot dog tailgating

Tips for Great Street Food Locations in the Fall Hey, folks! I’m continuing this week’s theme of making great money selling hot dogs and street food in the fall. I know hot dog vendors who book several events during September and October, and are able to make $20,000 in a month. It’s possible! The first […]

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Make Money Selling Food at Fall Events

hot dog costume

Make Big Money as a Food Vendor at Fall Events Howdy, folks! I’m continuing this week’s fall theme in today’s live video. Hot dog carts and food carts can make lots of money in the fall. If you look around at all of the community events and seasonal businesses, like pumpkin patches, corn mazes, hayrides, […]

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Where to Make Money Selling Hot Dogs in the Fall

harvest festival street food business

Ideas for Fall Street Food Vending Success Hello, folks! We are celebrating the beginning of autumn by talking about great ways to make money selling hot dogs and other street food at seasonal events. If you are looking for a place to make money with a hot dog cart or food truck in the fall, […]

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