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Cream Cheese Caulk Gun Hot Dog Vendor Condiment Gun – win yours now! I love mine!   I’m sure you remember the Coke® onion recipe I’ve videoed on here before.  Well I know for a fact over 3000 vendors are using that recipe to increase sales and make HAPPIER customers.  When I go out slinging, […]


How I went from bankruptcy to over $100,000.00 my first year as a hot dog vendor… Join Ben Live:  July 14 12PM EST Join Here… Limited Availability Free Live Training


136 New Hot Dog Vendor Success

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Get Ready! We had an awesome show… Make sure you’re getting notifications from to avoid missing the giveaways and cooler than cool stuff we share.  Make more, Work Less!   Period. Much love, Ben

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More Vendor Questions Answered [video]

Vendor EZ Gloves

These are the questions I missed from episode 135, simply because we ran out of time. Thank you for your patience.  Below you’ll find more info… From Mike: Ben, Thanks for the webinar!!! Heres a little info what has worked for me; What to Take? A fellow vendor here in Roanoke suggested this. Whats the […]

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135 – Working A Hot Dog Cart By Yourself Challenges

Big Dog Hot Dog Cart - black beauty

I hate when I have to make a title subject for a show like last nights.  If you were there, you know we took so many questions from vendors and potential vendors.  So I ended up having to pick one but I promise, this is one of those shows you’ll want to hear. Some awesomeness […]

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How To Replace Or Find A Lost Hot Dog Cart Title

replacing a lost title to a hot dog cart

OMG!  I get asked a lot.  How do I replace a lost hot dog cart title?  Don’t feel stupid… it happens a lot.  It’s why I’ve talked about it in my free training video on buying a used cart but now I’m going a few steps further… Ready? Watch this…  

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Ben’s Memorial Day Video

Ben's Memorial Day Thank You

I’m not going to go on and on in some self aggrandizing self promotion video… I just want to simply say thank you to all those who’ve sacrificed so that I may live freely, so that I may have safe children and so that I may live the life of a hot dog vendor and […]

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hot dog catering gig

Who says you have to have a hot dog cart to get started?  Not me!  [letter from vendor] Hi Ben & Jason , I hope your doing well and Happy Fathers Day! My husband made me these great tent weights! There’s so much info on the website I’m not sure if you have something like […]

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134 Adding New Items – Vendor Problems


Last night was a great show with over 100 vendors and we had many questions.  Mostly we discussed adding some easy items to our menus and some great stuff on catering from your hot dog cart.  

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Hot Dog Vendor Interview Live


An awesome impromptu Blab with Pro Vendor, Bow Ties and Hot Dogs.  Matt joined me live for this hot dog vendor interview.  Matt has just begun vending full-time after years of working in the food industry for less pay and more hours.  

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Hot Dog Vendor Cart And Setup Critique

boss doggz

Howdy! Boss Doggz asked me to critique their setup… I did….  

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American Bald Eagle Hot Dogs (pure white meat)

bald eagle hot dogs

AMERICAN BALD EAGLE HOT DOG The newest hot dog flavor to come out, the American bald eagle hot dog.  Over the past few years, the growth in exotic meats has been astounding. People just love pheasant hot dogs and reindeer hot dogs, but bald eagle? “We know that the bald eagle is a symbol of […]

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Thank you for existing! [street food vendor pics]

the dab dog big dog cart

Pretty Much Sums It UP!  Thank you for existing! My head couldn’t get any larger last night.  I even got on Periscope and bragged a bit.  The Dab Dogs emailed me some praises and I had to share for two reasons: 1:  My ego 2:  Your success… this is what drives me, it’s why I […]

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133 – Crash Course How To Start A Food Cart [video]

don't pigeon hole your street food cart

HOW TO START A HOT DOG CART We did a crash course in getting started including the “must dos” in your due diligence on how to start a hot dog cart.  We had about 800 people watching live and we even had one troll who came in several forms. We also covered some questions from […]

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Ever Had Someone Tell You It Can’t Be Done?


Naysayers Gonna Nay I did a live broadcast last night and had a blast.  You should have been there, but I’m not going to cut your pay.  Instead I’ll put the video here for you. Have you ever had someone tell you it can’t be done? Have you had folks that downplayed your ideas? […]

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Sick Of Climbing Greasy A** Poles?


When I was very young my dad made me move to the back of the line as I was about to compete in a greasy pole climb. I was furious with him… I was sure someone else would beat me to the reward… A cash prize… right at the top of this greasy pole… (more […]

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132 – The Biggest Street Food Vendor Problems – Solved

two vendor problems solved

NSF IGNORANCE – CRONY CAPITALISM Tonight we tackle Two HUGE Vendor Problem and Solutions.  That’s right!  We give solutions to the biggest 2 problems vendors face when getting started.  I’m not going to spoil the ending for you here, so you’ll want to either watch below or click play above. Jason Brown from Love Food Truck Co. […]

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Nomad Gourmet - Big Dog Cart

ONE SEXY A$$ HOT DOG CART The Nomad’s Gourmet Hot Dogs were weird before it was cool.  Check out their line up of toppings, see a beautiful, well maybe a Black Beauty sexy ass Big Dog cart.  The Nomad team is working on year 3 and their black Big Dog hot dog cart is one sexy […]

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Vendor Location Permission Form

get vendor location permission forms

Need A Vendor Location Permission Form Well you’ve come to the right place.  Here’s a form we’ve been using for years and it comes in handy when those pesky zoning nazis require you have written permission for where you’re to be set up.  Keep in mind, this form may have stuff you don’t need.  Simply […]

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Free Commissary Agreement Form Letter

free commissary form letters

COMMISSARY AGREEMENT FORM LETTER Over the years I’ve added free forms for vendors, vendor submitted spreadsheets and more and put them up on our website and this blog.  Those forms are always free to Hot Dog Mafia members but now we’re adding a form that is free for everyone.  Click the link below to get […]

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