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Yes!  We nailed it!  We just opened up the largest resource site / members only group for Street Food Vendors, Hot Dog Vendors, Caterers and Cottage Industry folks on the planet! Watch this video, take action and join us during this introductory offer is going on!  If you want to double your income, triple your […]


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What if the Health Department’s Answer Doesn’t Make Sense? Howdy, folks! Street food vendors often have questions about information they receive from local officials. Sometimes, it seems like nobody at the Health Department really knows what to do when a street food vendor applies for a license. Maybe the answer you receive depends on who […]


Great Locations for Fall Street Food Sales

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Tips for Great Street Food Locations in the Fall Hey, folks! I’m continuing this week’s theme of making great money selling hot dogs and street food in the fall. I know hot dog vendors who book several events during September and October, and are able to make $20,000 in a month. It’s possible! The first […]

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Make Money Selling Food at Fall Events

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Make Big Money as a Food Vendor at Fall Events Howdy, folks! I’m continuing this week’s fall theme in today’s live video. Hot dog carts and food carts can make lots of money in the fall. If you look around at all of the community events and seasonal businesses, like pumpkin patches, corn mazes, hayrides, […]

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Where to Make Money Selling Hot Dogs in the Fall

harvest festival street food business

Ideas for Fall Street Food Vending Success Hello, folks! We are celebrating the beginning of autumn by talking about great ways to make money selling hot dogs and other street food at seasonal events. If you are looking for a place to make money with a hot dog cart or food truck in the fall, […]

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How to Deal With Competing Vendors

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Fall is Great for Street Food Vendors Hey, folks! Fall starts later this week, and while many people think of summer as the only season for hot dog carts and street food, truth is there are LOTS of opportunities right now. We will be talking about locations and events where street food vendors can make […]

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Can You Sell Leftover Hot Dogs the Next Day?

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Hot Dog Cart Leftovers Howdy, folks! On today’s live video, I answered a question from a hot dog vendor, about what to do with leftover hot dogs. While some people do keep them and reheat them to sell the next day, I do not recommend that at all. Instead, wrap them up while they’re still […]

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What to Charge for Hot Dogs?

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If I Increase Prices, Will I Lose Customers? Hi folks! Today, I answered a question from a hot dog vendor whose costs have increased, but he’s worried about raising prices. It can be tough having to charge more for your product when people are already used to a certain price. The short answer to his […]

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Hot Dog Cart at the Courthouse?

hot dog cart at courthouse

How to Get a Location For Hot Dog Cart Hi folks! I get questions all the time from people looking for advice on finding a great location to set up a hot dog cart or food vending business. Obviously, location is one of the most important pieces of a successful street food business! A couple […]

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How to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

crowdfunding to start business

How to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign (FREE ebook!) Lots of people run into financial roadblocks when they are trying to get started in a new business. I get questions every day from people who want to start their food cart business with little to no money. There are ways to do it! One that’s […]

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Hot Dog Cart On A Pontoon Boat

sell hot dogs from a boat

How to set up a food cart on a boat? Hi folks! We had a great question about how to set up a hot dog cart on a pontoon boat. I talk about that in this video, and give some ideas about how you can set up a great food cart location even if you […]

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How to prevent employee theft from food cart?

street food questions

Street Food Vending Advice Hi folks! Today on Facebook Live, I answered some great questions about street food vending! Watch the video for all of the answers, but here are the highlights: One vendor wants to know how to prevent employee theft from a hot dog cart, and I make suggestions for keeping track of […]

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Help for New Hot Dog Vendor

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Hot Dog Cart Startup Inspiration Hot dog vending might sound like a weird career, but people start successful food cart businesses every day! And I love sharing positive feedback from people! I got this email from a new vendor and wanted to pass it along. Ben, great book! I have been interested in the Hot […]

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How to Boil, Steam, Grill on a Hot Dog Cart

hot dogs ready to serve

How to Use a Hot Dog Cart? Howdy, folks! One of my top ten all-time hot dog vendor questions is whether to boil, steam, or grill dogs on the hot dog cart. In today’s video, I talk a bit about the pros and cons of each method, including a way to use all three to […]

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138 – What To Serve From Your Hot Dog Cart

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Get ready!  Episode 138 is jam packed with delicious ideas on what to serve from your hot dog cart.  You can listen above, download the audio, grab the show on your favorite pod cast software like iTunes or the likes and enjoy.  Below is the video. We gave away some awesome stuff too!  Watch below. […]

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How to sell hot dogs without a hot dog cart

how to sell hot dogs without cart

Did you know it’s possible to sell hot dogs without buying a hot dog cart? I know it sounds crazy, but if you are determined to start your own business, you can find a way to make it work. Whether you need to buy a used hot dog cart, or figure out an alternative solution […]

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Get 5 Days Free Access to Street Food Pro Vendors United

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Hey, Ben’s giving stuff away again! Take a look at this quick Facebook Live video for the details. You can get 5 days of free, full access, to the best hot dog cart and street food vendor resources on the planet. Ben opened up 50 spots of this special 5 day free access deal to […]

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When is the best time to start vending?

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Hey, folks! I’ve been getting lots of people asking about when’s the best time to start a hot dog cart, or to start vending. People worry that late summer isn’t a good time to start selling hot dogs, or people think you can’t do business in the winter. Well you know what? I’ll tell you […]

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How To Keep Cool On Your Hot Dog Cart

ben live video

Howdy, folks! Check out today’s Facebook live video below. I talked about how to keep cool while vending in the heat, and the pros and cons of serving spiral-sliced hot dogs. If you missed it, watch it now. And leave a comment if you have a question you’d like me to talk about in an […]

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Hot dog cart or food truck/trailer?

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I just finished a Facebook live session, where I talked about the pros and cons of hot dog carts vs. food trucks. Which is better for you? The short answer is, it depends on what you are doing. Open carts are more affordable and easier to maneuver than trucks/trailers, but have more menu limitations. With […]

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What’s so great about this hot dog business?

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Hi folks! Just finished up another short and sweet Facebook Live video. I talked for a few minutes about the hot dog business in general, and why we focus on hot dogs as a main menu item. Why don’t more people do special recipes, like maw maw’s homemade soup, or armadillo on the half shell? […]

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